Review of FanMail: The Best Prize Box For Geeky Gals


FanMail is a brand new subscription mystery box service that’s made for fangirls, by fangirls.

Founders Rose and Jenny became BFFs over their shared passion for all things geeky and realized they could provide a service “to cultivate an experience that goes beyond what is currently out there for mystery boxes.” Every month, Rose and Jenny hand pick amazing items specifically for geek girls with an overarching theme to highlight what makes fandoms so special.

Each monthly box is guaranteed a value of at least $50 which is well worth the subscription cost. Plus, FanMail does their best to support small businesses and fan creators, particularly women, which allows them to include incredible exclusive items every month. In the past few months, subscribers have received super unique prizes including t-shirts, jewelry, comic books, Funko vinyl toys, collectibles, art prints, tote bags, custom bookmarks, and more. The ladies also welcome suggestions to consistently increase the awesomeness of future boxes.

The ladies of FanMail were gracious enough to send me their August mystery box Super Sheroes to review and I am so excited about the contents:

Magnetic Bookmarks by Beedooto: Spider-Gwen, Storm, Thor
Pop! Vinyl: Melinda May from “Agents of Shield”
Wonder Woman Wristband
FanMail Buttons: Raven, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Batgirl
Batman vs Superman Necklace
Black Canary #1 – First Printing

Also included is a fantastic FanMail info card outlining all the awesome prizes, an introduction to FanMail HQ, and great tips about upcoming events for geeks like fall TV shows, new comics, book releases, and movies. So many of the other services like this just seems to throw in a few toys and tee shirts, but I feel like FanMail went shopping specifically for me with the variety of items included and the info card with tons of great suggestions to watch and read. It’s truly a wonderful experience that sets their company apart from the rest.

When asked what FanMail means to her, Jenny sums it up perfectly:

“We want [subscribers] to have the best FanMail experience possible, and feel connected to us, Rose & Jenny, because, at its core, that’s what fandom and FanMail is all about. We always look to give the utmost attention and care to those who reach out to us, whether with a question or just to say hi and chat about fandom stuff!”

Check out FanMail to learn more about this amazing mystery box for fangirls. And friend them on the intarwebs FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Tumblr!


Baltimore Loses A Local Hero: Batman Lenny Robinson


Lenny Robinson, Baltimore’s own superhero, would dress as Batman and drive his Batmobile Lamborghini on I-70 delighting passersby as well as visit local hospitals to bring smiles to the children.

It’s a terrible tragedy to have lost such a wonderful person this week. Rachael Foote a RAIO patient told CBS:

“You should always give back to people when you can, because even the littlest things you do to help others can make a huge difference in the life of someone else.”

He touched the lives of so many of his neighbors as well as thousands of fans online. And in his honor, it’s time to give back. Contributions can be made to Superheroes For Kids.

Superheroes for Kids
c/o Marilyn Richardson (RIAO)
Sinai Hospital
2401 W. Belvedere Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215

His funeral is Wednesday, September 19th, at noon at Har Sinai in Owings Mills. You can see more awesome Baltimore Batman photos here. He will be greatly missed and always remembered for having such a positive impact on the world.


The REAL Issue That’s No One’s Addressing About The Slave Leia Action Figure

The real issue with the Slave Leia action figure that no one’s talking about: It’s a really ugly looking doll.


There are headlines everywhere about parents outrage over this Star Wars action figure. And they should be upset over the Hasbro-made Princess Leia in her slave costume, because it’s a really, really, shitty looking doll.

But that’s not the reason parents want the toy pulled from the shelves. Angry father Fred Hill started the rampage saying this about the doll:

“That’s pretty inappropriate. I got 2 daughters I don’t need seeing that crap.

They’re like dad why does this doll have a chain around its neck. I don’t have any answers. I was just blown away looking at it.”

I agree that maybe her slave outfit isn’t the most appropriate for a toy aimed at young kids. Aside from the fact that this toy looks like melted paper mache, the real issue runs even deeper.   Continue reading

Jurassic World Fan-Made Trailer Has Me In Tears

Korean YouTube star Hozzah2 has brilliantly recreated a shot for shot remake of the Jurassic World trailer, and I almost died watching it. First of all she totally nails a perfect Chris Pratt impression with that dazzling mustache, but the action scenes are what really showcase her comedic genius.

Prepare for full-on snicker snorting. Check out the trailer and still shots after the break. Continue reading

The Unicorn Files: Debunking the Myth of the Female Geek

unicorn files

The Unicorn Files: Debunking the Myth of the Female Geek aims to show that geeky women exist, are a diverse group, and an important part of the geek community. For the past year, Terra Clarke Olsen, founder and director of this project, along with photographer Nate Watters, have been capturing images of geek women surrounded in their personal fandom. All the beautiful portraits are being collected for one magnificent book to showcase the brilliantly diverse geek girl life.

“The photos represent them and what they love. Every shot is unique (some women have a lot of geek memorabilia while others have none; some women are comic nerds while others are tech geeks), but the one common theme being that the photos are taken in their home (a safe space that is reflective of them).”

Their Kickstarter campaign has been launched to cover the initial cost of printing and already has over 100 backers. I had the pleasure of talking with Terra about this wonderful project and her inspiration for the photo book. Continue reading

Read, Write, and Win with The Heroic Girls Summer Reading Program

(re-posted with permission from Heroic Girls)

Read, Write, Win!

The only thing better than reading great comics over the summer is getting rewarded for reading the great comics you were going to read anyway. That’s why Heroic Girls is proud to announce our inaugural summer reading program, a way for both kids and adults to set some summer reading goals and win some great prizes.

SmileStep 1: Read

Read a graphic novel (not a single issue comic.) We’ve compiled a great list of recommended graphic novels with strong female protagonists for both kids and adults that you can choose from — or you can choose one on your own.

We encourage you to try different genres, art styles and publishers. Maybe this will be the summer you find something new!

Step 2: Write

Write a short review of each graphic novel that you read over the summer, and submit it to Heroic Girls. The reviews can be as short as a single paragraph (especially for kids.) Tell us why you liked (or didn’t like) the book. What stood out about the writing? Was the art especially beautiful? Who was your favorite character? What was the book about?

We will gather the reviews and build a database that you and your fellow heroic girls can consult when they are looking for something to read in the future.

TakioStep 3: Win

Everyone who submits at least one review will get a prize pack including a certificate of accomplishment, a bookmark and possibly some other goodies. Additionally, people who submitsix reviews before September 1st, 2015, will be entered in a drawing to win graphic novels, signed comics, original art and more from top creators includingKelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, Colleen Coover and others. Each review you submit above six will give you another chance to win one of these great prizes.

Prizes will be awarded by random drawing of all qualified entrants until all prizes have been distributed. No more than one special prize will be awarded per person, unless we have more prizes than qualified entrants. Separate prizes will be awarded for kids and adults.

For more information, please check out