Have A Retro Bathroom Experience With This Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder


Nowadays most selfies are taken in a bathroom anyway which is why you totally need this retro Polaroid camera T.P. holder. It’s a novelty item but totally functional with super easy installation. Don’t take my word for it, the Discovery Store has this to say about this must-have powder room accessory:

“Probably the most stylish toilet paper dispenser in recent history, this nifty holder bears an uncanny resemblance to the classic polaroid camera. Feel free to do your business right in front of the lens, though – luckily, this camera only produces toilet paper rather than embarrassing, potty-bound photos. A near-perfect replica right down to the smallest detail, this holder will channel that retro chic, eighties-era spirit right into your bathroom. Don’t settle for a dull dispenser and be tickled when you tinkle!”

I’m seriously cracking up! Check out more pics below.

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Over 300 New Emojis…Still No Friggin Shark!

With so many emojis to choose from, there should be more than one options to express your conversation without any words. And with the new 300 icon additions from the latest iPhone 8.3 update, I would expect at least a shark this time around. NOPE!

There are, however, tons of new gadget icons and a brand new diverse “people” category including faces and people with multiple skin tones and family structures. I’m glad that Apple has accepted family and marriage diversity…I wonder if this update will be available to lawmakers in Indiana??

Click below to see screen shots of all the new emojis and how to update your phone with the latest release.

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Artist Tries To Guess What Your Tattoo Looks Like From One Sentence!

c5-studio-john-hernandezSuper talented graphic designer John Hernandez of C5 Studio creates beautifully vibrant portraits, stunning scenery, and is launching a comic Tainted Love in June.

Last week, he got on Facebook and challenged a friend to describe their tattoo in one sentence and he would try to draw it as close as possible. Without having seen the tattoo, the result (to the left) had me in stitches!

Of course, it has all his friends dying in laughter too and so the requests “Ooh Ooh Do Mine” came pouring in.

He managed to “re-create” over 20 tattoos, none of them close to the original, but they are all brilliantly literal. Actually a few of them, could be awesome tattoos on their own.

Check out all the hilarious designs below.

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Nokia Lumia 635 Smart Phone Giveaway!!

**Congrats to @Jeepnie & @LizQuilty for winning our Nokia Lumia 635 Giveaway!!** 

A few months ago I got to take part in a super fun beta for the new Nokia Lumia 635 smart phone. I wrote a ton of reviews and tweets about the phone’s overall performance, Windows 8 Mobile, special features, and of course Cortana. And now I want to pass on it’s awesomeness to you!


Here’s the rules:

1. Follow @riellygeek and @LumiaUS on Twitter

2. Like RiellyGeek on Facebook

3. RT,  Share, and Comment about why you totally need this phone in your life!

Grand Prize:

Nokia Lumia 635 Phone (T-Mobile), Extra Neon Case, Powerful Pocket Battery

First Prize:

Nokia Lumia 635 Phone (T-Mobile)

The contest ends Wednesday and winner will be announced Thursday morning! Good Luck!

*note, the equipment has been gently used during beta testing so it’s in near brand-new condition.

Limited Edition, $11 shirts at TeeFury.com!

I’ve been busy writing for Nerd Approved!

Hey just wanted to drop in and let you know I haven’t fallen into a baby supernova. I’ve actually been writing up a storm, but for a few other sites so I haven’t had time to post on RiellyGeek. Actually I’m super excited because I’m getting to write about awesome like my fav finds on Etsy, geek fashion, and general nerdiness!

When you have a sec, go check out my latest articles on:

Fashionably Geek

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And, I’ve finally merged my old GGN Facebook page with the new and improved RiellyGeek page. I miss GGN but we’ve moving on to bigger and better so I would really appreciate a LIKE there :D

Thanks so much for staying with me, and I’ll add more mama geek posts when I can!