Halloween Couple Costumes For Pets And Their People


This Halloween, forget about coordinating a costume with your significant other…it’s time to cosplay with your true best friend…your fur baby!

Our friends over at Pure Costumes have a huge selection of awesome superhero costumes for pets and an even bigger selection for adults. From Marvel to DC, there’s tons of great ideas for you and your pet bestie. Check out my favorites below. Continue reading

USB Powered Hoodie Warms You Up While Charging Your Phone


Venture Heat is launching an Indiegogo campaign to produce the Evolve Heated Hoodie, a USB powered heated hoodie. It’s like an electric blanket that you can wear outside… while you charge your gadgets on the go.

The zip up hoodie is lined with three heat panels that have a temperature gauge for three settings: highest setting at 125℉, the medium setting at 110℉, and the lowest setting at 95℉. It also features two inner waterproof pockets that are about 6 inches wide, one to hold the USB power bank while the other pocket can be used for storage.

Check out more info and images below. Continue reading

What Would Disney Princesses Wear For Halloween?


A few weeks ago, the “How Disney Girls Celebrate Oktoberfest” infographic made its way around the internet and was a big hit. This got me thinking about how Disney girls celebrate other holidays like Halloween. Since the holiday is right around the corner, I’ve creating a few sketches of my favorite Disney princesses in what I imagined they would wear for Halloween.

Check them all out over at Pure Costumes!



This Month’s FanMail Is “Ya For Y.A.” With An Exclusive Discount Code


My favorite subscription box FanMail has an excellent theme going on this month…with an exclusive code just for you!

FanMail is celebrating the best of young adult fiction in its October “Yay For Y.A.!” box with amazing items from classic young adult films and books, as well as newer releases from fan-favorite Y.A. authors, such as Claudia Gray and Leigh Bardugo.

This month’s box will include a Harry Potter wearable, as well as items from The Maze Runner, Percy Jackson, and more. In addition, there is a bonus item from The Hunger Games or Twilight in each box! They are also offering new subscribers a chance to win a 2015 San Diego Comic Con exclusive Mockingjay pin.

Check out the pin and exclusive discount code below! Continue reading