Read, Write, and Win with The Heroic Girls Summer Reading Program

(re-posted with permission from Heroic Girls)

Read, Write, Win!

The only thing better than reading great comics over the summer is getting rewarded for reading the great comics you were going to read anyway. That’s why Heroic Girls is proud to announce our inaugural summer reading program, a way for both kids and adults to set some summer reading goals and win some great prizes.

SmileStep 1: Read

Read a graphic novel (not a single issue comic.) We’ve compiled a great list of recommended graphic novels with strong female protagonists for both kids and adults that you can choose from — or you can choose one on your own.

We encourage you to try different genres, art styles and publishers. Maybe this will be the summer you find something new!

Step 2: Write

Write a short review of each graphic novel that you read over the summer, and submit it to Heroic Girls. The reviews can be as short as a single paragraph (especially for kids.) Tell us why you liked (or didn’t like) the book. What stood out about the writing? Was the art especially beautiful? Who was your favorite character? What was the book about?

We will gather the reviews and build a database that you and your fellow heroic girls can consult when they are looking for something to read in the future.

TakioStep 3: Win

Everyone who submits at least one review will get a prize pack including a certificate of accomplishment, a bookmark and possibly some other goodies. Additionally, people who submitsix reviews before September 1st, 2015, will be entered in a drawing to win graphic novels, signed comics, original art and more from top creators includingKelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, Colleen Coover and others. Each review you submit above six will give you another chance to win one of these great prizes.

Prizes will be awarded by random drawing of all qualified entrants until all prizes have been distributed. No more than one special prize will be awarded per person, unless we have more prizes than qualified entrants. Separate prizes will be awarded for kids and adults.

For more information, please check out

The Most Epic Black Widow Multi-City Flash Mob Is Happening Around The World Today For #WeWantWidow


(image source: Autumn Wheelock)

Across the globe starting at noon today, cosplayers will be taking over the internet with one simple, powerful message: #WeWantWidow!

Get All The Info On Our Widow Page!



Rielly Joins Sugar Gamers In June


I am beyond thrilled to be joining the amazing ladies over at Sugar Gamers with weekly editorials starting in June!

If you don’t about Sugar Gamers already, founder Keisha Howard started a community of female gamers back in 2009 to provide alternative hang-outs away from the club scene that support and inspire their passions and talents.

Sugar Gamers was founded in 2009 by Keisha Howard. She wanted to meet women with interests and ideas similar to her own, so she went on this adventure to not only find them, but unite them. Though our community isn’t one of hardcore pro-gamers- we have been recognized by companies such as Twin Galaxies and have received awards for our innovations and positive contributions to the gaming and technology communities.

The approach that Sugar Gamers takes to this industry sets us worlds apart from our counterparts. More importantly, we value real life interactions just as much as our online community. We work diligently to have events that make the fun of “geek” culture come alive while being surrounded by remarkable and unique individuals.

I’m so honored to be joining such a stellar team of ladies and you can look for my articles every Friday starting in June!

Also, make sure to check out my daily musings about all things geek on Nerd Approved, Fashionably Geek, and That’s Nerdalicious.

Toy Story And The Shinning Mash-Up Is So Wrong


So so wrong. Visual artist Kyle Lambert thought it was a good idea to take America’s favorite toy heroes and drop them into one of the most fucked up horror movies ever made. Yes, that’s Woody, with a psychotic face screaming “Heeeeeerrrrreeeee’s Johnny!” He’s transformed the aliens into those crazy hallway twins, the baby doll doing “shinning”, and there’s a sea of bloody red monkeys in a barrel. But without the barrel. And more bloody.

It’s disturbing, but you should totally look below. If you dare….*mwuahahahaha* Continue reading

Finding Your One True Love, A Bra That Fits [Video]


Bra shopping is definitely no Cinderella story. In fact, it’s the worst. Lingerie shop Triumph knows our woes and has made this adorable Disney-esque video about finding “the one.” It’s well written, super cute, and will make you wish bra shopping was this magical.

Check out the video below. Continue reading