Myrtle Gail: Personality or Fandom?

The reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition has announced during their second eviction night that one of the nominees is cosplayer Myrtle Gail Sarrosa as well as Nikka Javier & Karen Reyes, and social media has been buzzing on the viewer’s reactions on the nominees.

Just after a few minutes after the announcement, “Bye Karen”, “Myrtle”, and the official PBB hastag “#PBBTeens4″ trend on the social media site twitter.

Myrtle Gail

We think that this is going to be the first test if the support for the cosplayer housemate is really about her personality inside the “Big Brother” house, or it’s plain fandom… Because she is a “unique.”

We have collected some tweets that had been posted just a few minutes after the announcement to show the diverse views about the cosplayer housemate.

For the record, we do neither support nor endorse any nominees here, and we will not tell you how to vote, whom and why. For us to show, but it’s for you to decide.

Also, If you check out the facebook pages of Myrtle Gail and the Pinoy Big Brother… it’s definitely much crazier, even to the point of facebook users having an argument regarding the characteristics of all “housemates”. Kids these days.

By the way… We have conducted a survey during Ozine Fest 2012 last month about Myrtle Gail, and how will it affect the Philippines’ Cosplay scene… and we will post it really soon. For those who read this article on the Anime Alliance Philippines website, it was that so stay tuned.

What do you feel after reading this article?