LTK: Week 4 Do you notice anything different about me?

Dear Kevin,

After we were married, your father and I expected a long road ahead of trying to conceive. I had been on The Pill for the better part of 15 years, and being in my thirties I was certain that this miracle would not befall on us easily. We talked about not getting our hopes up and even to use each menstruation week as a time to celebrate our love, with alcohol, and prepare for another month of trying.

That week never came.

I was scheduled to be greeted with my cycle after our first month of trying to conceive on September 19th, 2013. I had no such meeting. The following day, before running to my local spirits shop to start my week of celebratory-don’t-give-up-and-try-again, I decided to use a pregnancy test.  I was certain I was still without child, but since I had the tests at home, I ought to use one before blowing my paycheck on a delicious case of Octoberfest, which had just been released  for the season.

I remember the light just peeking through the windows as my eyes were barely open from engaging the snooze alarm, for the tenth time in a row. Without much forethought, I slowly stumbled to the bathroom, unwrapped the package of my future, gently placed it in the stream, and… HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I’M PREGNANT!!!??!!

superpregoI didn’t even get second to think about all this! I mean, the fucking plus sign appeared before I even got the cap back on. Don’t I get 3 minutes!?!? Don’t I get even a second to peacefully contemplate my entire future? Is it hot in here? Gawd, someone open a window, I can’t breathe in here!!!

After a few minutes of suffering a slight panic attack, I reacted in a manner that was suitable for any newlywed wife trying to conceive. I peed on another stick. YUP, I’m super prego!

Trying to contain the rush of emotions, I calmly walked back to bed and climbed under the covers with your father.


“Yes, love?”

“Do you notice anything different about me?”

He immediately sat up in bed, grinning from ear to ear because he knew that this precious moment had finally arrived. Just as we had jokingly discussed, we recited lines from one of the funniest pregnancy announcement videos on the intarwebs.

“Um, is your hair different?”


“Tell me.”

“No, you have to guess it.”

Not being able to stand the excitement for a moment longer, we both jumped up and embraced each other, laughing and crying, while I reassured him every time he asked that I was indeed pregnant!

I still can’t believe you happened so fast! We were so ready for you and you didn’t make us wait!

Now I can’t wait to meet you!!!


i actually took a lot of tests


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