LTK: Haikus about Food

Kevin, aka nacho,

Food has become the bane of my existence lately. Foods I loved I had to break up with. And foods I sorta liked have now become objects of my obsession. Thanks :/

No fucks are given
Hot Dogs are always De-Lish
Even in winter

Strawberries my love
Sweet, red, I heart you all days
Always savoring

La Parmesan cheese
To another universe
I beg you, fuck off

Chicken meat of old
I wish to know you no more
I shall mourn our past

Ice cream and pickles
What kind of nonsense are you
I believed a myth

Everyday I wish
Applesbee’s Mozzarella
Sticks for me to eat

Only the freshest
Ingredients for us both
What a fucking pain

Le fin.


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