LTK: Geek Preggers

Dear Kevin,

It’s Week 6 and I don’t feel pregnant at all. I don’t feel like I have had any physical changes to remind me every day that you are growing inside me. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the 30 pee sticks I went through 2 weeks ago, I probably still wouldn’t believe it!

So I’ve decided to get myself into mommy brain the only way I know how, by geeking out!

What’s to Expect App (for iPhone)

This app is fantastic! Every week WTE tells me how big you are by comparing you to an item of produce as well as provide a little blurb on what you’re doing and what my body is doing. It’s amazing to think that we are making brain cells and bones while I scroll through Facebook for an hour. Talk about Multitasking! HA!

There’s also community forums that have been so helpful in covering topics that doctors just don’t ever seem to discuss. I’ll spare you the specifics, but it so nice to know what other first time moms are going through without having to call my OB everyday asking “Is this normal??”

Maternity Shopping

I don’t need new clothes yet, but when I do I want to be prepared. I’m sure there will come a point where my fav Batman and Star Wars tees will become unwanted halter tops, and that will just not do.

ThinkGeek has some cute shirts, although they are a little cliché.  They do, however, have an amazing selection of onesies for baby!

Café Press has more of a selection, but those come with a higher price tag.


Prego Library

I have a Kindle, but for choosing reading material for you and me, I decided I needed to tackle this like a research paper. I wanted tons of books to highlight and page fold and display. I bought everything I could find to learn as much as I could. This next list is more of an account for my memory than for your benefit.

The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy  was such a great first read! This book is a hilarious overview of all the wonderful and all the awful moments of pregnancy. For me, this was a great introduction into what to expect for the next nine (ten) months of my life.

prego girlfriends

What to Expect When You’re Expecting is the WORST! Holy Shit, let’s talk about all the awful, scary points about pregnancy and labor to ensure you have the most frightful, worrying experience of your life! Aside from the fact that the book is laid out like the New York Post, there’s chapter upon chapter about everything that could possibly go wrong. Of course, it’s good to be informed, but fuck I don’t need a book that has an entire chapter just devoted to miscarriages!

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is my fav so far! This book breaks down the entire nine (ten) months of pregnancy and covers birth and taking baby home. It’s in a well laid out format and works wonderful as my constant go-to reference guide. This book does outline complications and pregnancy loss, but in a more positive and informative light than the previous stack of fireplace fuel. I find myself constantly grabbing this book and using their wonderful website for the infinity questions I have.

Consumer Reports Best Baby Products Too Long. Did Not Listen.

Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born I…what…holy shit!! That’s how woman delivered!?! I just skimmed through the book to read of some of the horrendous history we have gone through. I have two thoughts: I can’t believe we have made it this far after reading about delivery throughout the ages, and I am so thankful to have vocabulary like “sterilization” and “epidurals”.

And after all that reading, the most helpful written words I have found come from  family, friends, and the internet.

Last but not Least, Gaming!

hatchi babeSpecifically, and don’t judge me here, the retro virtual pet app Hatchi! This plays just like the original and it was a great time passing game to play while I waited for more motherly instincts to kick in. And just so you know, Sandwich and Battlestar both grew into wonderful adults before I kicked them out into the Forest Sanctuary.


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