Luxury Lane Soaps

What’s the best way to get clean? To get Geeky Clean with Luxury Lane Soaps!

I have had the pleasure of knowing the company’s creator, inventor, and CEO Kylee Lane for a few years and I have to say she is one of the coolest geek ladies I have ever met! Please read more about this amazing inventor here.




Now onto the Do Want!

This store has everything from nail polish, to organic soaps, to body creams, and of course, geek flavored bar soaps. And unlike many other online bath works stores, Luxury Lane offer full disclosure so you know all the ingredients for each product. Plus, everything is hand-made and super reasonably priced for artisan products.


The online store has so many wonderful treasures, I urge you to just go browsing and you’ll be so happy with what you find!

One of my fav sections of the store is the instructions on how to use the site. This is all kinds of wonderful:

Step 1: You fall in love and place an order.
Step 2: I receive your order and do a happy dance. Your order is pinned to a board, like a restaurant ticket.
Step 3: Daily, I pull a production list, orders go out in the order they come in. I make your awesome products and ship within 24 hrs of fresh production and packaging. It may take up to 10 days until I pull your order.

Go Shopping Nao!

All of the Do Want recommendations on this site are personal endorsements from the site author and have not been influenced by payment, trade, or marketing benefits. – RiellyGeek



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