Timesify: Stealth Skill Level 100


I present for your Friday Procrastination, Timesify!

Super bored at work? Are you longing to read the latest article on IFLscience or Buzzfeed instead of filing your TPS reports? Well now you can finally read that article about C-String panties in complete covertness with Timesify!

This stealthy little program converts your inappropriate office reading material to look like an important hot topic from The New York Times. Brilliant!

First, visit Timesify and add it to your bookmarks. Then once you’ve selected your desired post, click the bookmark and Voilà! You are suddenly transformed into  an uber intelligent and reputable employee reading stuff about politics or the economy or whatever. Timesify adds in a The New York Times header, a fake article title, and even a “related articles” section.

fake-adNow what happens when the office busy-body annoyingly asks for an update on the NYT topic on your screen? Timesify’s got your back. The top of page has a blurb called “In Case You Missed It” which provides a summary of the article you are not reading.

And what about all the cool pictures from the original article? Just click on the fake add to the right, and you can view all the photos posted! Click through all the way to place the fake ad back.


Amazing! Now go get some not work done!


so say you...

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