#GroupSwitch : Nokia Lumia 635 Beta

As most of you know, I’m an avid iFan girl. I use my iPhone and iPad seamlessly as my “mini-computers” when I’m on the go, or when baby is on the go…which is like all the time.. omg what day is it… did I wear this yesterday… oh sorry, I digress.

With the new iOS 8 Update fails, the 6’s “bendable” features, and just everything having to do with iTunes, I’m now seriously rethinking my gadget inventory.

Android of course would seem like the next logical option, in fact, all of my friends have been hazing me about my sad iPhone in comparison to their godly android phones. Including my husband. But android phones don’t appeal to me due to the abundance of customization options. I’m a super busy woman and just can’t be bothered with so many options. Seriously my husband roots his phone like every week. And every week I hear “Ah, this phone is exactly the way I want it now.”


My journey for a new smart phone has only been delayed for two reasons. First, iPhones just work. I turn my phone on, the apps are exactly what I need and organized the way I need them to be without too much set up on my part. And second, there’s such great continuity among apps that I’ve never once had to research how to use an app.

snapchat confusedExcept snapchat. OMG who the hell invented this program hell !?!

That being said, I’ve been increasingly loosing faith in apple products and I’m tired of being a slave to iTunes to back up and sync my devices. If iTunes was a person, I would just light them on fire. This is my level of rage. I need a change.

Nokia-Lumia-635So I got a special opportunity to check out Nokia’s new Lumia 635 as part of their #GroupSwitch beta testing. Aside from the affordability of this device, it uses Windows Mobile 8 which I was very interested in checking out.

While I have this phone to play with for a few weeks, I’ll be obnoxiously updating the social medias and blogging about my experience. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or follow the hashtags #GroupSwitch and #PoweredByLumia to see what the other beta testers are saying.

During my trial, I’ll posts comprehensive articles discussing all the features of this device and pros and cons as it compares to iPhones and androids.

And full disclosure, Microsoft is offering prizes to the #GroupSwitch participants. However, you can expect my updates and posts to be colorfully truthful as always.

And if your already a fan or enemy of Windows 8 smart phones, let me know so I can get up to speed in the short time I have with my device.



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