Dormi – Baby Monitor Android App

Welcome to my new category babyGEEK, where I will review geek products to help improve your parenting life, as well as share the trials and tribulations of raising my own first born.

dormiWhen searching for most products, I always read the reviews on multiple sites before I check out, but when it comes to baby monitors, I haven’t found ANY that I really felt comfortable with. Either the monitors did too much or too little, or the price tag made me cry. Our geek family use a few old android devices with the Dormi app, which only costs $4.99 and it works perfectly!

Like most tech fams, I’m sure you have a few old tablets or cell phones wandering about your home and this is a great way to up-cycle!

We have an old Samsung phone that doesn’t hold a charge. So this device is plugged in all the time and attached to the inside of the crib with a magnet as the “child device”.

Then we use either my hubby’s LG G2 phone or our Nexus 7 tablet as the “parent device”.

The most important feature that I absolutely cannot live without and which makes just about every baby monitor on the market less than, is the alert tone prior to the speaker automatically engaging. Seriously I cannot stress enough the importance of this alert tone. In a busy household with tons of background noises, just having the speaker automatically play when baby starts to stir isn’t enough to grab my attention. Nor is it enough when I’m sleeping for the first time in 2 days. As soon as baby makes any noises, the parent device makes a non-abrasive alert tone, then begins to play the speaker automatically so you can hear if the baby is just rolling over or starting to cry. (Being able to hear these minute differences is super important, since mammas know how precious that little “free time” during the day can be.)

The speaker quality, of course, depends on the devices you use, so always do lost of testing before leaving baby alone with your devices.

The other great feature of Dormi is the ability to keep the app running on either play, stop or pause mode. Pausing is great, especially at nighttime. Sometimes when baby stirs in the night, I can get up and pause the noise just long enough to get him back to sleep, then the app becomes active again. In a super sleep-deprived-walking-coma that is motherhood, I don’t want to be responsible for remembering to  put the app back into play mode before I hit my pillows like a cartoon anvil.

So before making that large investment at your nearest Babies R’ip Us Off, check out this great app alternative and up-cycle those old devices!


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