Don’t Feed the (Internet) Trolls

Don't Feed The TrollI see it almost everyday, in every forum, in every comment section – some jerk-off trying to get a rise out of good people trying to legitimately  share their opinions online. And what do most people do in response to the often vulgar, baiting commenting? Respond. And keep responding trying to make sense of the insane babble or agenda of this one nut-job commenter. We inevitably, continue to feed the Internet Troll.

I’ve done it all too many times myself. I feel that this one person whose opinion seems so strongly grounded in nonfactual, absurd, and offensive thoughts that they must understand the error of their ways; and I intend to help mediate the thread. I try to talk reason and offer the passive “everyone has a right to their opinion” to eventually yelling that they need to leave the thread and “do some fucking research before spouting your personal agenda here”.

Then I have to sit back and realize, I have witness a troll in the wild. The troll crawled out from its mildewed basement, wiped the cheetos off its slobbering face, and starting furiously typing away. This troll is only truly satisfied by one abstract of the online world; pissing people off.

I’ve seen these trolls attack in my mama groups, in my geek groups, and I’ve seen troll very viciously attack my girlfriends to the point they have felt so threatened that restraining orders after IP investigations had  to be placed.

We can’t rid the world of these in-human pieces of internet shit, but we can remind each other not to continue the discussions. When a comment thread suddenly goes array from a single circus show user, save and paste this picture and yell DON’T FEED THE TROLL. Tell everyone to stop. Continue the conversation elsewhere, where all opinions can be safely voiced and fairly debated. Don’t give them even a morsel of your aggravation and just abandon them. I want to see this troll as a reminder that we didn’t let the asshole with internet access win. We ignored them. We left. And we didn’t look back.

Don't Feed The Troll



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