SlashCode: Wear Your Passions

Something very special is happening on the internet. A new company, SlashCode, has been born out of love and passion for all things geeky and is responsible for creating amazing fashion designed specifically for us.


You will not find your typical tardis dress or batman leggings here. Although those clothes are awesome, not every geek can wear these fashions on a daily basis. If you work in the comic industry rocking a Marvel inspired pin up dress would be totally acceptable. But for the rest of us, we have to dress “normal” and professional, and our geek fashion must be subtle. Unfortunately, subtle for us usually means small, as in nyan cat earrings or a ring with our favorite elvish inscription.

SlashCode understands the need for geek chic. They understand because they to have the desire to have clothing that “we could wear anytime, anywhere, and show our Geek pride.”  And they have created some of the most beautifully designed scarves I have ever seen!


The scarves come in 3 different sizes: Rebel, Square, and Long. The designs are absolutely gorgeous prints paying homages to your fav video games, anime, and classic stories from childhood. The most amazing feet is that SlashCode has been able to design prints, or models, that can become a classy part of your wardrobe without drawing unwanted attention to the scarf. The “Moonchild” model, for example is inspired by Shui-mo ink painting, but in fact it has all the elements to express love of The Neverending Story. SlashCode succeeds in extracting the emotion and beauty of geek culture icons in 10 elegant designs.

In order for us all to acquire some new geek chic, SlashCode needs our help. They have an Indiegogo campaign to raise enough money to start full production. You can support this project from a little as $5 or more to get your very own scarf starting January 2015!

***Now here’s the best part!***

SlashCode and I believe in this project so much that we are giving away a scarf of your choice! This contest will run all week, so here’s what you need to do to qualify:

1. Leave a comment below

2. Follow SlashCode and RiellyGeek

3. Like them on FaceBook

4. Share this post

The winner will be announced Friday 21st! Check out the entire campaign and see for yourself the beautiful designs! “Wear Your Passions. Anytime. Anywhere.”


**Congrats to Angelique Toschi for winning her very own geeky scarf**


9 thoughts on “SlashCode: Wear Your Passions

  1. I love this idea! I try to dress business casual even when I have to crawl around tracing network cables, and this would be a perfect way to “bring geeky back” without getting pigeonholed at work.

  2. These are beautiful! I hope to see a bit more variety in the designs and maybe even different price points depending on more casual or more dressed up scarfs!

  3. I love the video. Like the options they have, I really hope they succeed, so they can offer more options in the future.

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