Comic Review: Under the Flesh

In a world…..

There are so many zombie comics that basically tell the same story. A virus, lots of dead, dead coming back to life, societal break-down, survival.etc. As most of you know, I’m somewhat of a zombie fiction connoisseur so it’s hard to find a new comic to pique my interest. Under the Flesh is fantastic!

under the fleshImagine the virus ONLY wipes out all the men. At first you’re like, hell yeah, women would kick ass at ruling the world! We would have our world under control, and civilized, and more efficient! We would totally be able to better debate social and economics issues for the betterment of our culture and progress so much faster than we have in the past. This world would be awesome.

Okay now imagine, the virus kills all men…EXCEPT one. And he has a girlfriend! Basically females become crazy savages and the one and only dude has to worry about whether he’s going to be killed to cleanse the population, or if he’s going to be captured for… know.

And as for our hero, writer Gilbert Deltres and artist J. L. Giles have this to say ..

“The protagonist, Ruben Lobos, is a genetically enhanced soldier that must face the challanges of a new devastated world, while discovering the true potential of his abilities.

To a degree, Under the Flesh is like a Grindhouse mashup of Captain America, Y: The Last Man, and The Walking Dead.”

I really encourage everyone to check it out and support independent creators! We all know how difficult the industry can be, and projects like this give artists a chance and gives readers like us something awesome and brand new!

Let’s be thankful for independent artists and please check out their campaign and help them get this comic out there!!

Plus the pledge levels are reasonably priced AND offer awesome rewards like having a flesher drawn in your likeness!!

Go Here Now and become a zombie !! Under The Flesh


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