No, You Can’t Change your Name to ‘Superhero’ for Reals.

benjamin-denmark-superheroDanish toy shop owner,  Benjamin Preisler Herbst, has a pretty unique name. But he’d much rather be called ‘Superhero’… legally.

Even though he doesn’t actually have super abilities, Benjamin wanted to pay tribute to all the comics and movies he loves. But the Denmark government looks like they will be his first arch-nemesis, turning down his request.

“The word superhero is the name of a fictional/non-existent figure who perform heroic deeds…We do not believe that “Superhero” meets the criteria for accreditation as a Christian name.”

Benjamin understands the government should protect folks under 18 from changing their names to something “ridiculous”, but he argues he’s an adult and should be allowed to make the change. And what’s the big deal anyway? Recently the same villainous regime allowed other citizens to change their names to  Legolas, Gandalf and Ninja. Seriously.


If you’re looking to give yourself a super name makeover, check this out for some ideas! I got a new name and a background story.

My superhero name is: Madame Pyro
On a holiday to Hawaii you accidentally tumbled into a volcano, but mysteriously survived the experience! Now you must learn to control your strange new abilities whilst also urgently fireproofing your home! Pyrokinesis – You have the power to control and manipulate fire, and can even create your own balls of superheated flame! Now, you protect Boomtown from ghosts, while also battling the evil plans of Benny Da Vinci!

Now I’m off to DMV lol!


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