Japan, Stop It with Your Creepy Robots!

Henn-na HotelJapan is at it again replacing real people for these creepy fem-bots. The Henn-na Hotel, which is scheduled to open later this year, will have “actroid” androids greeting guests. These nightmarish robots will have the ability to smile back at you while you give them your credit card and photo ID.

Spread throughout the hotel, these not-people will be tasked with other functions such as general service and cleaning.

Can you imagine walking back to your room at night and accidentally bumping into one of these anti-flesh and it just stares back at you. And smiles. And stares.

In a recent interview with Telegraph Travel, a spokeswoman said “We’d like to draw visitors to this setting surrounded by nature by establishing a smart hotel, which could be something we could spread through Japan and the world.”

Aside from the bots, the hotel is actually pushing the limits of hospitality technology with such installations as facial recognition in lieu of rooms keys.

File this under Nope. Read more details on Telegraph Travel.


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