Have A Retro Bathroom Experience With This Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder


Nowadays most selfies are taken in a bathroom anyway which is why you totally need this retro Polaroid camera T.P. holder. It’s a novelty item but totally functional with super easy installation. Don’t take my word for it, the Discovery Store has this to say about this must-have powder room accessory:

“Probably the most stylish toilet paper dispenser in recent history, this nifty holder bears an uncanny resemblance to the classic polaroid camera. Feel free to do your business right in front of the lens, though – luckily, this camera only produces toilet paper rather than embarrassing, potty-bound photos. A near-perfect replica right down to the smallest detail, this holder will channel that retro chic, eighties-era spirit right into your bathroom. Don’t settle for a dull dispenser and be tickled when you tinkle!”

I’m seriously cracking up! Check out more pics below.

polaroll-600x600 camera-toilet-paper-dispenser-600x600 polaroll-toilet-paper-dispenser-600x600

Product page (£15.95)

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