This year, I am so lucky to have a baby geek join my hubs and I for Star Wars Day. Even though he’s only 10 months old and probably won’t remember, I plan on be a responsible parent and putting A New Hope on TV for the family to enjoy. As I am planning out our day, I started to question whether my baby would be a Jedi or Sith.

My hubs LOOOOOOVES Star Wars, but he chose a different path…. apparently I am “rebel scum.” Luckily our love is stronger than the Force so we can look past our differences. Also we totally create balance which is an imperative and true to the canon of the movies. So I’m okay with being married to a Sith, but what should be the fate our child?

Now I start to question the path yet to be decided for my little one. Do I let him explore both? Do I explain the difference and push him in one direction? Parenting is hard. So I’ve decided to create a list of pros and cons for both Jedi and Sith so that when he’s older, at least I have a place to start. This is seriously harder than preparing for the inevitable “where do babies come from?” question.

JEDI Pros:

  • Obviously choosing the “good guys” is way better, because they always triumph.
  • The Jedi team has Yoda and Obi Wan and Samuel L. Jackson; it’s doesn’t get more bad-ass than that.
  • You can move space crafts with your MIND! Imagine how much easier cleaning your room would be.

JEDI Cons:

  • You’re father is already a bad guy, and you may or may not lose a hand.
  • If you get a sister, there might be some embarrassing moments later on in life.
  • It’s hard work and could be lonely at times.

SITH Pros:

  • Sith seem to have way cooler weapons and battle moves.
  • I’ve heard they have cookies.
  • “Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.”

Sith Cons:

  • Your family will turn against you.
  • When you grow old you’ll be the absolutely ugliest, wrinkliest old man.
  • It’s hard work and could be lonely at times.

This is a tough one. And ya know what? Either way, I’ll just completely love him forever. As long as he loves Star Wars like we do.

May The Fourth Be With You ❤


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