I am beyond thrilled to be joining the amazing ladies over at Sugar Gamers with weekly editorials starting in June!

If you don’t about Sugar Gamers already, founder Keisha Howard started a community of female gamers back in 2009 to provide alternative hang-outs away from the club scene that support and inspire their passions and talents.

Sugar Gamers was founded in 2009 by Keisha Howard. She wanted to meet women with interests and ideas similar to her own, so she went on this adventure to not only find them, but unite them. Though our community isn’t one of hardcore pro-gamers- we have been recognized by companies such as Twin Galaxies and have received awards for our innovations and positive contributions to the gaming and technology communities.

The approach that Sugar Gamers takes to this industry sets us worlds apart from our counterparts. More importantly, we value real life interactions just as much as our online community. We work diligently to have events that make the fun of “geek” culture come alive while being surrounded by remarkable and unique individuals.

I’m so honored to be joining such a stellar team of ladies and you can look for my articles every Friday starting in June!

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