The REAL Issue That’s No One’s Addressing About The Slave Leia Action Figure

The real issue with the Slave Leia action figure that no one’s talking about: It’s a really ugly looking doll.


There are headlines everywhere about parents outrage over this Star Wars action figure. And they should be upset over the Hasbro-made Princess Leia in her slave costume, because it’s a really, really, shitty looking doll.

But that’s not the reason parents want the toy pulled from the shelves. Angry father Fred Hill started the rampage saying this about the doll:

“That’s pretty inappropriate. I got 2 daughters I don’t need seeing that crap.

They’re like dad why does this doll have a chain around its neck. I don’t have any answers. I was just blown away looking at it.”

I agree that maybe her slave outfit isn’t the most appropriate for a toy aimed at young kids. Aside from the fact that this toy looks like melted paper mache, the real issue runs even deeper.  This dad missed a perfectly good opportunity to introduce Star Wars to his girls. There’s no doubt in my mind that Mr. Hill has never ever watched the movies. Otherwise, his answer to his daughters could have been something like this:

“Well my young and smart little ones….a strong leader named Princess Leia Organa, yes she is a Princess, traveled the galaxy to take down an evil overlord to save her people and the whole galaxy. While she was being very brave to stand up for justice and peace, and trying to rescue her friend Han Solo, a bad guy named Jabba kidnapped her and she became as his prisoner. This is her prisoner outfit- there’s not a lot of clothes because it’s super hot on Tatooine. Oh and that chain – they didn’t have handcuffs there, so they used chains to keep their prisoners from running away.

Anyway, her brother Luke Skywalker and some friends rescued her and Han and then they defeated the bad guys and saved the galaxy! Oh you want to watch this really awesome-sounding movie now because it features a strong, badass female leader? Absolutely! We’ll go home right now and watch the (original) trilogy!

And don’t tell your mother I said baddass.”

Sheesh, would that have been so hard? Okay, so let’s refocus our attention to the real wrong doers of this sad news story. Hasbro made crappy toys and Fred Hill doesn’t know what Star Wars is. I hope they both learn a lesson from all this.



2 thoughts on “The REAL Issue That’s No One’s Addressing About The Slave Leia Action Figure

  1. Excellent point, but I actually had a different thought on the “real” issue. Why are toys only supposed to be for kids? The “For ages 4+” just means that anyone younger than 4 is likely to choke on the small parts. It doesn’t mean that this action figure is only for tots. If it didn’t display such shoddy craftsmanship, as you point out, it would more likely be sought be adult collectors than pre-schoolers who want to “play slave.” The girls in this interview clearly didn’t even know who Leia is, and why should they? There hasn’t been a Star Wars movie in their lifetime.

    There was similar outrage recently when some The Walking Dead toys were for sale at (I think) WalMart. There is simply no place for a department store to put “toys” that grown-ups are likely to buy. It reminds me of a time when people were outraged about The Simpsons and, later, South Park, because these animated shows were inappropriate for kids.

    All the fun stuff in the world isn’t reserved for kids! We need actions figures and animation and comic books and video games, too! Speak out, grown-ups!

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