Girls Can Be Anything From A To Z In This Wonderfully Illustrated Book


Girls can be anything they want and this wonderful new board book by Charles Dowd breaks it down from A to Z. In this adorably illustrated book, little girls show how they rock it in careers as Astronauts, Firefighters, Paleontologists, Quarterbacks, and more.

The A to Z Guide to Jobs For Girls is meant to help empower young girls and show them from the very start that they can follow any career path they choose, including careers that are not traditionally seen as appropriate for women. From Astronaut to Zoologist, you can be anything you want to be!”

With more than 80 backers, their Kickstarter goal has more than quadrupled. There’s still a few days to take advantage of the special offers like for $25 you can secure a signed copy for yourself  and one copy will be donated to the House of Ruth Maryland, a non-profit that helps families of domestic violence.

Check out more awesome artwork from the book below.





Check out The A to Z Guide to Jobs For Girls ABC Board Book Kickstarter!


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