USB Powered Hoodie Warms You Up While Charging Your Phone


Venture Heat is launching an Indiegogo campaign to produce the Evolve Heated Hoodie, a USB powered heated hoodie. It’s like an electric blanket that you can wear outside… while you charge your gadgets on the go.

The zip up hoodie is lined with three heat panels that have a temperature gauge for three settings: highest setting at 125℉, the medium setting at 110℉, and the lowest setting at 95℉. It also features two inner waterproof pockets that are about 6 inches wide, one to hold the USB power bank while the other pocket can be used for storage.

Check out more info and images below.


“We’re in the business of creating high quality battery operated heated clothing and we are looking to expand our line and our technology for the modern era by launching our USB powered hoodie.”

Early backers will be able to secure a hoodie for as low as $99 or $140 with a USB power bank. Check out more info on Venture Heat.



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