Way back in 2009 (which is like a million in intarwebs years), I started a twitter account @geekgirls to connect with other females who shared my interests in comics, video games, and sci-fi. To my surprise and excitement, I found that this is where all the geek girls had been hiding! I had no idea so many awesome women were already online connecting with each other. At that time, female sites with geeky topics were almost non-existent and the sites that did exist weren’t getting the recognition they deserved.

Geek Girls Network (GGN) was developed as a home for us all to post our thoughts and knowledge and support the amazing women already making waves in our community. Our content was fresh and provided an outlet for women across a broad spectrum of geeky backgrounds. We started blogging, podcasting, hosting Geek-Out parties, and covering news and conventions.

Years later, there are thousands of geeks blogging, podcasting, and promoting all the amazing stuff they do. It’s so thrilling to know there are so many inspiring women online today, making their voices heard, and supporting our growing community.

Although GGN has been retired, I can never be too far away from my internet friends and family. Welcome to my personal blog space where I can still share all of my nerd vents and geeky squees, as well as stay in touch with all of you!


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