I can’t even with this tattoo of an adorable bouncing Pikachu! Tattoo artist dinotomic created this Pokemon tattoo that’s just full of motion! And when he’s taking a break from inking on skin, his creative twists on classic characters are drawn on paper. Check out more awesome artwork like Darth Patrick (Star Wars and Sponge Bob twist) and his version of Finding Dory…

Dory Color Pencil Drawing Alternative universe twist on Dory from Finding Nemo 😊 I always like to re think, mash up and change different characters with what if situations πŸ˜ƒ The idea behind this one is : how would Dory look like a human and three clown fish. The story would be that Marlin ( their father was kidnapped/ taken to a aquarium ) and 3 clown fish would go on a search for him. Their names would be Nemo , Jelly and Sea Sea . On their journey they meed an underwater diver Dory who seems to understand them and want to help them. From there the adventure starts πŸ˜ƒ For this drawing i used a brand new set of markers that i got from WinsorNewton @WinsorNewton_USA . They send ma a demo kid of 24 markers to test out and i must say im liking them πŸ˜ƒ Gotta do few more drawings with them to see how they blend with outer colors πŸ˜ƒ

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Ursula Color Pencil Drawing The Sea Witch from The little Mermaid The idea behind is : what would happen in parallel universe where Ursula is a young teenage witch just only discovering her powers ( not knowing what greatness she can accomplish ). Living as an outcast because she is afraid of showing her powers and hurting everyone around her because she cant control them. Ariel is an old Queen that took the throne by poisoning her whole family. Greedy for more power she try's to steel the magic ability from young Ursula . I made up a whole story for a movie while drawing this ( this was just a short version ) 😊 it helps focusing and giving the character more depth and love when you make a story around your drawing 😊 Drawn in the style of the new characters from Disney. Aka Frozen / Anna / Elsa. ( The base of this drawing was not based on any of the existing characters – i just used the same features that they use on their characters. 😊 As always i used Color soft and water color pencils from Derwent 😊 I will soon post a step by step pic of this drawing, like i did with the last Disney mash up drawing 😊

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